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Candle Scent Descriptions & Color Samples

Scent                       Description Color Sample
Beach Walk This candle captures the essence of strolling down the beach; you can just smell the fresh ocean air and warm sand. Beach Walk
Bonsai Tree A combination of woodsy notes with a subtle hint of spice from the far east such as ginger, yuzu, star anise and others. Bonsai Tree
Cedar Chest Aromatic cedar notes have been given a contemporary twist with subtle hints of mellow spice. A relaxing way to unwind after a long day. Cedar Chest
Cinnamon Bun Hot and buttery cinnamon buns fresh out of the oven. You can smell the butter, cinnamon and rich frosting on our Cinnamon Bun candle. Cinnamon Bun
Cinnamon Spice The rich, warm and sweet fragrance of cinnamon makes it one of the most evocative spices in the world. Our Cinnamon Spice is a tribute to this popular spice. Cinnamon Spice
Clove Pomander In Victorian times, folks stuck cloves into oranges to make a traditional pomander for keeping clothes smelling fresh. Our Clove Pomander candle will refresh any environment. Clove Pomander
Cranberry Clove Fresh tart cranberries blended with a sprinkle of cloves to create a candle that is tart yet mellow. Cranberry Clove
Denim Breeze This candle captures the essence of a pair of blue jeans hanging on the backyard clothesline on a summer day as they wave in the breeze. Denim Breeze
Earthly Embrace Nature inspired botanical fragrances combined to create a mossy, mellow and soothing candle. One of our best selling fragrances. Earthly Embrace
Eucalyptus Lavender The complex fragrance of eucalyptus is blended with lavender to create a candle that will soothe away stress and tension. Eucalyptus Lavender
Fresh Linen The fragrance of clean and fresh laundry hanging on the backyard clothesline in a gentle summer breeze. Fresh Linen
Fruit Slices Imagine a basket full of fresh oranges, lemons and other juicy fruits. Our Fruit Slices candle captures the essence of summer's best fruits. Fruit Slives
Gardenia A very soft, feminine and luxurious candle in honor of this beautiful white bloom. Gardenia
Gingko Ginseng The gingko tree is one of the oldest trees on the planet dating back 190 million years. Ginseng is known for its ability to relieve stress. Blended together, they create an atmosphere of well being and relaxation. Gingko Ginseng
Green Tea Green tea has been reported to be a powerful antioxidant that helps fight free radicals in the body. Our Green Tea candle will help purify the mind and soul. Green Tea
Honeydew Melon Fresh sliced honeydew melon with its juicy and sweet taste. Our Honeydew Melon candle is sweet and delightful. Honeydew Melon
Lavender Fresh, sweet floral plant that is often associated with aromatherapy. The scent of lavender is known to ease tension and promote restful sleep. Our Lavender candle is soft and peaceful. Lavender
Lemon Citrus Our Lemon Citrus candle is a blend of tangy lemons with a hint of sweetness. It’s lemon without the pucker! Lemon Citrus
Lilac The heavenly perfume of lilacs evokes such nostalgia that it’s one of our most popular candle fragrances. Lilac
Lilly of The Valley The Lily of the Valley plant has broad leaves and fragrant little white bell-shaped flowers. A popular garden flower that is increasing in popularity as a cut flower especially in wedding bouquets. Lilly of The Valley
Lime Cooler This refreshing beverage gets its sweetness from honey. It's a tangy beverage that is perfect on a hot summer day. Our Lime Cooler candle is refreshing and tangy. Lime Cooler
McIntosh Apple Folks have enjoyed McIntosh apples since 1811 when John McIntosh discovered the first seedling. McIntosh apples are sweet and juicy with a slight tart tang. McIntosh Apple
Morning Glory Like the bright trumpets of morning glory that bloomed near grandma's porch swing, our Morning Glory candle is a combination of earthy, herbal and sweet floral scents Morning Glory
Ocean Mist Imagine ocean waves crashing against the rocks creating a mist of water as the waves settle back. This candle is a beautiful blend of water notes that is soothing and relaxing. Ocean Mist
Orange Vanilla Reminiscent of Dreamsicle ice cream bars, our Orange Vanilla candle blends fresh oranges with rich, creamy vanilla Orange Vanilla
Patchouli The orangey-amber oil from the patchouli plant is extracted from its leaves. The scent is robust, mossy and musky. Patchouli
Pink Grapefruit Pink Grapefruit has a unique fragrance that is more refined and luscious than white grapefruit. Pink Grapefruit is often attributed as having stimulating and uplifting aromatherapy properties. Pink Grapefruit
Plumeria The plumeria flower is customarily used in Hawaiian leis as a symbol of hospitality. Our Plumeria candle captures the rich, exotic fragrance of this tropical flower. Plumeria
Raspberry Lemonade The fragrance of sun-ripened raspberries combined with tangy lemons will make you wish everyday was summer. Our Raspberry Lemonade candle is fun and lively. Raspberry Lemonade
Tropical Mango Few fruits are as full of juice and tropical fragrance as mangoes. Our Tropical Mango candle will transport you to an island paradise. Tropical Mango
Vanilla By the 19th century, vanilla had established itself as the most popular flavor in the ice cream industry. Our Vanilla candle is creamy, rich and delicious. Vanilla
Vanilla Coffee Smooth, creamy vanilla is blended with robust, rich coffee. This candle is comforting, warm and tasty. Vanilla Coffee
Whipped Cream* Whipped cream is made by whipping heavy cream with sugar until it's light and fluffy. Our Whipped Cream candle is rich and creamy - just like the real thing! Whipped Cream

*=Available in Soy Beads Only

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