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How to Burn a Bean TM


When you light a Beanpod candle, know that you’re getting an earth-friendly candle perfect for your home. A special little indulgence for countless hours of enjoyment.

Each exquisite candle is crafted from American-grown soybeans. A petroleum-free candle that is better for the Earth, and healthier for the home. Real soy wax that burns cooler and longer. Beautifully fragrant from the first light to the final flame.

To ensure maximum enjoyment from your Beanpod Candle,
apply these helpful candle care tips:

  • Soy wax does not burn as hot as paraffin wax, so soy wax candles require a thicker wick, which does not combust 100%. When you first light your candle,  allow for the wax to pool all the way to the outer edges of the container. This guarantees an even burn and a maximum fragrance throw.
  • Trim wick 1/4"  before each use, and never move or re-light until flame is out and wax is completely solid.  Be sure not to over trim the wick.
  • Set the candle on protected, heat-resistant surfaces and keep wax free of wick trimmings, matches and other debris. 
  • Avoid drafts and vibrations and keep out of reach of children and pets.  
  • Never burn your candle on or near anything flammable, or for more than 3-4 hours at a time.
  • Burn your candle within sight and extinguish with care.  
  • Container will be hot when candle is lit.
  • Do not burn if wax level is below 1/4”. 
  • Never use container lid to put out flame. Simply blow out and replace lid.

Beanpod Candles, A wonderful indulgence; Anytime.

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