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Smoked Maple Chipolte Finishing Sauce

Smoked Maple Chipolte Finishing Sauce
Size: 9oz

Price: $10.00ea


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Righteous Ribs

For those of you looking for that all amazing rib sauce, here it is!

There are two ways to do it; One with our Smoked Onion Seasoning as the dry rub, and one without.
For simplicity we will show you the first and you can simply omit the seasoning if you choose.
But if you do; you may want to include some finishing sauce in your foil packs for the pre-bake.

J.P's Smoked Maple & Onion Ribs

  • 1-2 Racks(2 lbs. each) of your style of Ribs(Baby Back, Pork, Beef, or Spare Ribs)
  • 1 pack of our Smoked Onion Seasoning (Dry Rub)-will only use approx. 1/4oz.
  • Smoked Maple Chipolte Finishing Sauce
  • A smile because this is going to be good

This recipe is for pre-baking the ribs for the fall of the bone goodness! You may also boil the ribs in a stockpot for 30 minutes or until tender;  and then add the dry-rub!

  • Rinse ribs and pat dry
  •  Sprinkle on Smoked Onion Seasoning and rub in with your hands; Get Dirty!
  • Refrigerate overnight for some flavor-boost!
  • Preheat oven to 300 degrees
  • Cover each rack with aluminum foil and bake for 2-1/2 hours(cooking times may vary*)
  • Remove from oven and allow to cool for 10-15 minutes
  • Meanwhile place outdoor grill on low heat(about 300deg.)
  • After ribs have cooled, unwrap the foil and gently brush on the Smoked Maple Chipotle Finishing sauce.
  • Place on the grill and cook for approx. 12 minutes a side (cooking times may vary*)
  • Basting between each flip or turn.
  • Remove from grill, no need for the napkins, unless you don't like to lick your fingers! Enjoy!

*Cooking times may vary based on the size of your racks of ribs, the grill used, and personal preference.


We love to hear how our customers are using this fabulous Finishing sauce whether for finishing, marinating, or dipping!

So please feel free to e-mail us your favorite way to indulge with these fabulous sauces.

Allergen Information: Contains Soy and Wheat. Manufactured on equipment that processes peanuts.